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Our Services

The ultimate experience of superb cutting and styling, colour individually tailored to your skin tone, treatments that restore the natural beauty of your hair, all this and more is yours at Kelly Elle Salon.

Salon Service for Glamourblowdry

Glamour Blowdry

Whether your hair is long or short, a glamour blow dry will have it looking sensational. For a special occasion or just because you deserve a treat, you will leave our salon with a hair style to turn heads. Soft, flowing, gently curled, rich with highlights or upswept for that suggestion of mystery, our stylist will work with you to create the look you want. Be ready to accept compliments.

Salon Service for GHD Curls

GHD curls

Have you tried to turn an untamed frizz into smooth, sleek tresses with effortless curls at the end that bounce and bob when you walk? Did it end badly? Avoid the frustration and book an appointment with one of our savvy staff members. They know the modern look you want and are experts at getting just the right shape to suit your face. Your hair will frame your face perfectly and you will leave the salon feeling confident and beautiful.

Salon Service for Upstyling


For the ultimate glamour look there is nothing to match upstyling. It is suitable for any special occasion, and in the hands of a professional stylist, the look can be intricate, subtle, or something in-between. Upstyling is truly an art form, and we love the opportunity to create a style for you that will bring out your inner movie star.

Salon Service for Keratin Hair

Keratin Hair Smooth out treatment

Unruly, frizzy hair is difficult to manage, especially in our humid climate. This treatment process strengthens, repairs, smooths and nourishes each individual hair shaft. We finish it with a heat application that seals in the benefits for a long-lasting, humidity resistant result. You leave our salon with smooth, shining hair that will be a pleasure to brush and style.

Salon Service for Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair

Everything needs to be just right on your wedding day, especially your hair. We create beautiful, feminine hair and styling effects for bridal parties. We are experienced at fitting bridal hair accessories and headpieces so they look natural but still stay in place throughout the occasion. Be prepared to look gorgeous and be the centre of attention.

Salon Service for Style Cutting

Style Cutting

Style cuts are our specialty and we take the time to discuss what you want before we start cutting. You may have grown tired of your current look, and want something more than just a basic trim. Short, medium or long, we have a style that will suit you and your lifestyle. A style cut may involve layering, sculpting modern, clean cut edges or creating sharp points and graphic lines. A hair product suitable for the style and a blow dry to set the shape, and your new look is complete.

About Us

Our talented team of styling professionals have just one goal – to create a different experience for our clients. We offer quiet conversation, a soothing and relaxed atmosphere and a gentle approach to helping you look your best.

We regularly update our skills and knowledge so that you, our valued clients, have access to everything that is modern in hair care and styling.

An Overview With Pricing

  • Style Cutting Ladies:
  • Style Cutting Men:
  • Glamour Blowdry
  • GHD curls
  • Upstyling
  • Bleaching
  • Ballayage /ombre’
  • Tint regrowth
  • From $75.00, Restyle: $95.00
  • Clipper cut: $22.00, Style Cut: $39.00, Full services: $49.00
  • From $65.00
  • $75.00
  • From $100.00
  • Scalp bleach from: $99.00
  • From $145.00
  • $75.00

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If you’ve suffered a hair nightmare, you can relax at Kelly Elle Salon knowing that they can fix all hair dramas and completely revolutionise your look.



What our customers say about us

Kelly Elle was my wedding hair & make up provider and I couldn’t have been happier! Not only did we finish with no stress and ahead of time, we each felt and looked a million dollars and the photos were amazing thanks for everything.

Melissa Boucher

Wow! I am So relieved to know that I have finally found my hairdresser for LIFE! Kelly is truly an amazing and very professional hairdresser. She is kind and patient (even with my 80 cm long hair). I felt very comfortable and confident in her hands. The results are priceless! Do yourself a favor and book in to see Kelly ASAP.

Summer Obeid

Kelly is everything you need in a hairdresser and more. She did a fantastic job on my hair, honest with recommendations and can just about talk about anything. Thank you for being so easy going. I am one happy client and will be back. Love your work!!

Kylie Nguyen

Thanks so much for an awesome cut & colour Kelly!! Absolutely love it! Fantastic experience all round!

Rebecca Hassett

Loving my newly relaxed hair! Hair life is so much easier. Thanks Kel! Love your work.

Emma Mcomb

Amazing balayage! Thank you so much for fixing my hair. See you soon!

Tara Burton

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